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Amalfi Coast

8 days self-guided walking tour

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    Amalfi Coast

    8 days self-guided walking holiday

    Tourists have always wanted to experience the world, searching for fascinating natural landscapes that will blow their minds. Over time, a lot of people have found the most beautiful coastline in the world, with its alluring landscape. It is no other place than the fascinating coast of Amalfi, running all the way from Salerno down to Amalfi. Not getting enough, tourists move away from the coast from time to time to revel in the amazing places around, taking in the scent of the Mediterranean scrub. What’s more, they feel the kiss of the sun and marvel at the beauty of the sea.


    Day 1. Salerno
    The historical but new town of Roman Salernum is controlled by the Castle of Arechi and guided by a highly regarded commercial port. It is best to be an early bird and get to the city early to put so many things in order because the arrangement of your urban trekking is necessary so that you won’t miss the mesmerising scenes and places, the exercise, pleasure and fun that resides in the terraces. You can quickly get to discover beautiful places and familiarise yourself with the friendly and calm environment while trying to get to the Provincial Art Gallery and the Cathedral of Salerno. These places which make you wonder if the earth is ever going to be destroyed one day. It is noteworthy that the remains of St. Matteo are resident in the cathedral. Strolling gently along this paths expose you to the Amalfi coast and makes you revel in the blueness of its marina. If green is your thing, then you will surely enjoy the Municipal Villa where you get to see the green lung of Salerno or you just move further to Minerva’s garden, you will struggle to get enough of it. The history Minerva’s garden holds is something notable as it is the premier Botanical Garden of Europe where medically used plants are cultivated.

    Day 2. Salerno – Vietri Sul Mare and the small villages (2hrs walking: elevation up 120 down 290, about 5km)
    Have you ever seen where potteries are made? If not, never mind as you will be privileged to see one when you embark on a short exclusive trip to Vietri Sul Mare which is just a few kilometres east of the Amalfi Coast, you will be enthralled on your first main journey in the tour when you get to these places of immense attraction. Crossing over to the hilltop, there awaits something legendary, sort of what you hear in moonlight tales and something to feed your superstitious beliefs with. On crossing the hilltop of Benincasa, shrines like wildfire are spread across the way with small width exposing you to every of these folklore. The road to Dragonea is more refreshing where your lungs can have the luxury of inhaling a fresh bite of air emanating from the mounts of Lattari. The usually complicated maze-like structure in the form of labyrinths when you journey through and get to the pleasant village of Albori makes you wonder if there is still such beauty in existence but alas! You will discover there are still much more in existence when you get to the villa Guariglia and behold an old building that is abode to the museum of ceramics. Such an eventful first day it will be if you could still take one more step to get to the Marina di Albori to see more wonders.

    Day 3. Vietri-Maiori (3hrs walking: elevation up 170 down 350, about 5km)
    A beautiful day deserves a beautiful view. The Abbey of St. Maria de Oleria promises you that. Just wake up and freshen up if you like and move out to see this appealing scene where you get to see three layered and beautifully stratified, well-adorned churches in the superfluous medieval rock community. An artificial channel carrying water is seen after a sloppy hill showing you a path that allows you to see the agriculture and vegetation typical of people in the Mediterranean region. Having to continue the journey will lead you to Mari where you will be privileged to see a typical terrace in the very large beach which has citrus growing around it.

    Day 4. Valley of Tramonti (3hrs walking: +180 -180, 11km)
    Wake up and take your meal if you would because you might need something to hold your stomach with on this tour. You will start by moving away from the coast to seeing the hinterland that is behind Maori. Charming rurality waits your liveliness when you get to the valley of Tramonti; the exceedingly extraordinary forest has an abundance of springs and waterways. The ordinary is not expected in this region as uncommon is the word that should accompany places like this. You will be left agog when you discover that change is constant in this particular coast. In the “Land in the mountains”, you will be treated to the slopes of the Lattari mounts and gently will you see the so many lemon-cultivated terraces and olive trees which are also remarkable for vines. The astounding DOC wines of the Amalfi coast that leave other wines trailing in its path due to its wonderful taste is produced in this territory. The journey for the day won’t be complete if you fail to have a taste of the wine and the Fior di Latte mozzarella, this wine holds so many histories and its taste would confirm your beliefs that old wines are just the finest. You wouldn’t just have a sip, be assured of that. The trip back to Maori will just be a short distance journey via public transport.

     Day 5. Maiori – Ravello – Amalfi (3hr walking: +290 -330, 6km)
    Exclusive is classy, and that means you will feel classic when you start your day with a small distance journey from Maiori which promises to be stressful (never mind, it’s worth it), after which you proceed to Ravello which is just about the coast, it is indeed a precious view to behold along the coastline. The hype surrounding the Ravello which seem understated when you see the glamorous Gardens of Villa Cimbrone garnished with some rarities of plants, status and fountains such as you might have never seen before. The biggest amazement may be saved for the last when you move through the garden leading to Belvedere, and you see the spectacles of the Amalfi coast which will leave you aghast. Then taking the last step will head you back to Atrani which is just a little distance from Amalfi.

    Day 6. Valle dei Mulini (3hr walking: +170 -490, 7km)
    When you go to Scala through one of the SITA buses, you will eventually arrive at one of the most ancient villages in the coast. Scala is one of the most thrilling territories that served as a hiding place and a place of protection for the people of the Amalfi territory. In the village of Scala are several towers on which enemies from Saracens were spotted, and one of such towers is the Ziro towers. The stories of the wars and bloodbath will leave you terrified on narration. If you decide to continue the journey through the village of Pontone to the Amalfi, you will witness the beauty of mother nature and see so many swamps and ferns that takes you back to the ice age

    Day 7. Via Maestra dei Villaggi (3hrs walking: +60 -590, 7km)
    The end surely justifies the means, and as much as you might be looking forward to a scintillating end, you should know that it comes with a little bit of stress and might need you to have a stopover at the Lazzaro castle which is located in the Lauritano castle. The stress you encounter during transportation and the several uphill bends will be worth it when you first have a taste of the delicacies of fresh farm produces offered at the Lazzaro castle. Oh! What feeling of ecstasy when you journey through Amalfi once and this time, you transit through some fantastic scenes of ancient villages and get incredulously taken aback by the ancient sceneries. As if that is not enough, the feel of the deep blue sea, its beautiful colour and nature will make you forget the rough Maestra dei Villlaggi routes you have gone through to get you there. Just keep moving, and you’ll find that the countless stone steps and the hairpin bends that finds its abode in the Mediterranean marquis is just as breath-taking as what you have come to believe. The humble holm oak mildly allows the crib and the arbutus trees to show its uniqueness by giving way for it. Moving down the part inspires one as the slope directs up and down through the Lone, Pastena and Amalfi village. If you love the sea so much, you might be tempted to reach the beaches of Duoglio which is well-structured and beautifully carved into the rock

    Day 8. Amalfi
    After waking up the next morning to a fresh and energised start, it is advised you have breakfast and not miss the exhilarating view of the paper museum; an ancient but very relevant and exciting attraction which will take you back in times to the way the production process was done in the yesteryears. And with the aid of a good guide, you will come to the knowledge and understanding of how the antiquity was used in changing useless wastes in the form of rags to a neat piece of paper. End of services.

    Hightlights and Technical Information
    • Terraced lemon and olive groves, orchards and vineyards
    • Walks among mountains and green valleys
    • Local craft: fine Ceramics and ancient Paper Mills
    • The ancient path from Agerola to Amalfi
    • Hidden Medieval rocky settlements
    • Fresh seafood and innumerable local flavours
    Technical information:

    The tours wind mainly through dirt paths and country lanes; rarely, and only when strictly necessary, on busy roads. The tour is suitable for anyone with a minimum of training. The length of a walking day ranges from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 17km, with almost undemanding unevenness and travel times between 2.5 and 4 hours. The tours wind mainly through dirt paths and country lanes; rarely, and only when strictly necessary, on busy roads. We recommend to wear comfortable walking shoes, better if trekking boots, and to bring with you a hat, drinking water, sun cream, swimming suite and a waterproof jacket in case of rain. We will take care of your luggage while you are walking.

    In case of need you can call our emergency number 24/7 , anytime, our staff will be available to make your holiday quiet and serene.

    Dates, Inclusions, Cost , Supplements

    Departure dates: Every day from 01 April  23 June and from 03 September to 31 October

    Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

    Price per person (min 2 people twin share): A$1780

    What is included:
    • 7 nights with breakfast
    • Private transfers day 2, 3 and 5
    • Luggage transportation hotel to hotel
    • Tasting day 7
    • Roadbook and information material
    • Phone assistance
    Not included:
    • Flights
    • Arrival and Departure transfers
    • Meals and drinks
    • Hotel tourist taxes (about € 21,00)
    • Insurance and everything not listed as “Included”
    Additional Supplements:

    Cost per person

    • single room supplement A$390
    • solo traveler supplement A$380
    • arrival and departure transfers on request ( private and shared)
    • extra nights in double room with breakfast (per person) A$120 in Salerno and A$180 in Amalfi
    • extra nights in single room with breakfast (per person) A$160 in Salerno and A$280 in Amalfi
    Accommodation and Meals

    Accommodation and Meals:
    This tour offers accommodation in pretty B&B and 3* hotels. All rooms are ensuite.

    Accommodation layout: 1 night in Salerno, 1 night in Vietri, 2 nights in Maiori, 3 nights in Amalfi

    7 breakfasts and 1 tasting included. All other meals are not included

    Price from: A$1780


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