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Piedmont : Barolo to Barbaresco route

8 days self-guided walking tour

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    Piedmont – Barolo to Barbarera route
    8 days self-guided walking tour

    With a variety of enticing delicacies, red wines and truffles, Piemonte is a must visit for connoisseurs travelling to Italy. Located between the Apennine Mountains and the Alps, the region boasts vast fertile lands known to produce some of the best red wines in Italy and also the Tuber Magnatum, which is an expensive white truffle. Taking a trip from Barbaresco to Barolo, you are certain to come across a wide variety of local delicacies with an international reputation like the gourmet cheeses, chocolates and several pastries. Through this trip, you would encounter a beautiful landscape of high hills sprinkled in tiny picturesque villages, massive castles and towers. The scene is lovely and captivating.


    Day 1: Arrival in Alba
    Get to your destination in Alba, at the centre of the Piedmont wine country. The city of Alba is host to over a hundred towers with the air filled with different aromas and flavours. You can take a walk through the streets, ascend up a tower to have a bird eyed view of the city or you could put your mouth to action by having a taste of one of the many delicious pastries.

    Day2:  Take a walk to Monforte from Barolo (3hrs walking: elevation up 440 down 200, about 8 km)
    On the second day, it is time to enjoy a walk from Barolo to Monforte passing through Novello Monforte. You arrive at Barolo on a morning transfer and when you get there to ensure you do not forget to take a visit to the wine museum located inside the gigantic castle. In Barolo, you can get an official Bar to bar route, which takes you through a series of shortcuts to Novello. This journey continues to the beautiful Monforte which is located on the hillside with narrow streets filled with stone houses and a lot of beautiful places to wine and dine.

    Day 3:  Walking from Monforte via Roddino to Cissone (4-5hrs walking: elevation up 680 down 565, about 17 km)
    The first part of the walk takes you to the hamlet of Serralunga d’Alba which offers you a magnificent view of the clay hills which are covered in well-arranged vineyards. Moving on to Roddino for a sumptuous lunch containing a variety of local delicacies which are bound to keep you energised for the last climb to the farmlands in Cissone.

    Day4: Walking from Cissone to Cravanzana (4hrs walking: elevation up 370 down 550, about 13 km)
    A quick transfer to Bossolaschetto makes the journey a lot shorter by about 6.5km. Moving through the country paths and tracks, you slowly descend downwards to the River Balbo. At this point, a steep climb carries you to the ridge on the other side filled with huge views of the Apennine and the Alps. From there onwards, you move through the woods until you get to Feisoglio and lastly to Cravanzana, passing through the village of Serravalle Langhe.

    Day5:  Walking from Cravanzana to Benevello (3-5hrs walking: elevation up 550 down 510, about 14 km)
    Usually considered to be a walk in the park, moving from Cravanzana, you slowly descend lower to the river Belbo and then ascend up to the other side of the hill that takes you to Montemarano. The views of the Lower Langa, the Apennine towards the southeast and the Alps towards the northwest are a joy to behold.

    Day 6: Walking to Neive (4-5hrs walking: elevation up 250 down 550, about 17 km)
    Moving from Benevello, you make use of the bar to bar route that passes through the beautiful country roads devoid of notable uphill. There are massive farmhouses en route that manufactures some of the best red wines in the world. The view is scattered around different sections of the forest with a constant change of colour relating to the large vineyards depicting the Langhe area close to you and the Alps far away.

    Day 7: Walking to Alba (3-4hrs walking: elevation up 325 down 225, about 14 km)
    On this journey, you would pass through quiet country paths and roads with no major climbs along the way. The views are filled with manicured vineyards, which allows you to see the Alps and the Langhe regions. On your way, you will pass by Barbaresco village which his home to magnificent wines from which you would pass through the riparian forest to get down to the River Tanaro.

    Day 8: Goodbye Alba
    Your trip and our deal expire after your breakfast; you can then proceed to the airport via public transport or a pre0-arranged private transfer with us.

    Hightlights and Technical Information
    • An infinite selection of incredible wines, cheese, sweets and chocolates to taste along
      the way
    • Beautiful cities and characteristic hamlets
    • Vineyard walks and carefully groomed hazelnut forests
    • Small, comfortable, family run accommodation some with prize winning restaurants on site or near by
    • Spectacular views of the snow capped alps on clear days
    • Friendly people
    • Quiet foot paths
    Technical information:

    The walks are along vineyards, uneven footpaths, mule tracks and small gravel roads (strade bianche). The trails through the vineyards can get slippery, muddy and heavy-going when wet or after it has rained. The Bar to Bar route is well marked, while alternative trails do not always have markings.

    Trip grading: Introductory to Moderate – grade 2 :This is a self-guided walk with average daily stages of 3 to 5 hours. The paths are clearly visible and well-marked; there are some sections of the trail which

    Luggage transfer: Luggage transfer is included and is provided by the accommodation itself or a local taxi company.

    A note on our self guided adventures and Fitness preparation:

    Self guided walking or cycling requires individuals to use problem solving skills, be adaptable and have a keen eye. It is recommended that you are comfortable map reading, referring to route notes and that you have a good sense of direction (or are willing to work on improving this!) Sometimes route finding, losing your way, finding it again and asking the locals for help is all part of the adventure. If you’ve never been on a self guided trip, after the first couple of days you will get the hang of if as the vast majority of our first time travellers attest. Please be assured that our written material issued to you for route finding is updated regularly and we provide a 7 day service hotline in the event of any problems. There is a certain level of the unknown that comes with self guided trips; however with a methodical approach potential problems will be averted. The freedom of a self guided trip is something that, once experienced, is sought time and time again.
    Fitness preparation: The concept behind most of our trips is active holidays and the fitter you are the more easily you will adjust and enjoy yourself. We expect participants to take responsibility for their fitness and preparations on a consistent basis prior to departure, and INCREASE the regular weekly training schedule in the two months leading up to departure. That way, when you start walking, you will feel relaxed and comfortable and strong, having done more than sufficient preparation for the trip. You will also have more energy to enjoy the views, take photos and explore the sights in your spare time, rather than just make it to the next hotel. During the day is when the most interesting features of interest will be found, and being fit allows you to optimize every situation you encounter. As a minimum, we recommend 40 minutes of aerobic type exercise; running, swimming, biking, hill walking, or gym work two to three times a week for two to six months leading up to your walk. Note the best training is the activity that you are actually going to be doing; walking up and down hill, and cross-country. Practice this as much as possible. Training should be stepped up as you get closer to departure, to an amount you feel appropriate (you don’t want to cause yourself an injury!). Using your gear before departure (boots, day pack, clothing, etc.) gives familiarity and comfort whilst on the walk. It makes sense to know that all your gear ‘works for you’ BEFORE departure, rather than discovering how things work or fit (or don’t!) on the trip you have invested so much in. Use the philosophy of ‘getting fit to go walking’, rather than ‘going on a walk to get fit’, to avoid problems.

    Dates, Inclusions, Cost , Supplements

    Departure dates: Every day from 01 April  to 15 November 2020  (ref IT290)

    Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

    Price per person (min 2 people twin share): A$1350

    What is included:
    • 7 Nights in selected B&Bs, hotels and Agriturismo
    • 7 Breakfasts
    • Private transfer from Alba to Barolo (+ luggage to Monforte) on DAY 2
    • Luggage transfer DAY 3 to DAY 7
    • Detailed information pack, route notes and maps with tracks on
    • 24/7 telephone support
    Not included:
    • Flights
    • Arrival and Departure transfers
    • Meals and drinks
    • Hotel tourist taxes
    • Insurance and everything not listed as “Included”
    Additional Supplements:

    Cost per person

    • single room supplement A$370
    • solo traveler supplement A$650
    • arrival and departure transfers on request ( private and shared)
    • extra nights with breakfaston request
    Accommodation and Meals

    Accommodation and Meals:
    This tour offers accommodation in pretty B&B and 3* hotels. All rooms are ensuite.

    Accommodation layout: 2 night in Hotel Savona in Alba; 1 night in Hotel Grappolo d’Oro in Monteforte d’Alba; 1 night in Agriturismo Balcone sulle Langhe; 1 night in Hotel da Murzio in Cravanazana; 1 night in Relais Montemarino in Borgomale; 1 night in Hotel Villa Lauri in Neive

    Only breakfast included…

    Price from: A$1350


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