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Sardinia: Walking from Tiscali to Cala Gonone

8 days self-guided walking tour

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    Sardinia: Walking from Tiscali to Cala Gonone

    8 days self guided tour

    During the walk, there are lots of sights to see and places to visit. In addition to lots of prehistoric Nuragic towers, you also get to see a Tiscali Ancient Nuragic archaeological site, a hidden Nuraghe village, the Supramonte Mountains, the Gola di Gorropu gorge, Gulf of Orosei, and family-run hotels.All these are accompanied by delicious local food, Cannonau wine, and people who are very friendly.
    Because of the difficult limestone terrain, you must have a quality compass, good map reading skills and be an experienced mountain walker in order to undertake this Sardinian adventure. A fully charged mobile phone with you at all times during the walks and the use of a GPS can also be handy. The waypoints and tracks can be provided on request.


    Day 1:    Arrive in Sardinia and relax
    Reach Oliena ,using private or a public bus,  after your arrival in Sardinia at any of the two airports, Alghero or Cagliari airport. A car will be waiting for you at Oliena to drop you off close to the Su Gologone Spring, the location of your hotel. Hope you are ready for an adventure? With you walking boots, all that is left the exploration of Sardinia. Prepare for the excellent “carasau” local bread and a sip of the Cannonau wine.

    Day 2:    Monte Corrasi round walk (Challenge: 5 hours, 11 km, 825m ascent, 815m descent)
    The beauty of the environment will blow you away as you make the climb to the top of the mountain. What awaits you at the top is an excellent view of the valleys as well as a great look at the calcareous Supramonte Mountains.

    Day 3:    From Monte Maccione to Su Gologone spring (Challenge: 5 hours, 14/15 km, 395/641m ascent, 990/1249m descent)
    As captivating as the Supramonte limestone rocks can be, the lower slopes are also covered by attractive Holm Oak woods. Spanning over 800 meters in height, you can also fill your eyes with the excellent views as you go through the valleys of Guthiddai and Oliena. When you get to the halfway point of your walk, you can get to the Punta Cusidore by climbing the Scala di Sovana slope. The Su Gologone limestone source is also available for exploration after an additional 2 km walk from the point where the walk of the day ends. The full name of this canyon, with a depth of 108m, which also serves as the main water supply point of Sardinia is the ‘Laghetto Sorgenti Carsiche Su Gologone.’

    Day 4:    From Sa Oche to Tiscali Nuraghe (Challenge: 4 hours, 12,5 km, 497m ascent, 468m descent)
    Another excellent place to visit is the  Grotta di Sa Oche, and there is a morning transfer to this location. This can be your first stop before you begin your walk. Your walk will take you through the valley to the Gorge of Surtana which is quite narrow. Before getting to the gorge, you can also go to the Monte Tiscali. The prehistoric Nuraghe village remains are one of the attractions towards the top of the Monte Tiscali. There is a descent after the Gorge of Surtana which will take you to the River Flumineddu. At this point, a car will be available to give you a ride to your hotel where you can relax.

    Day 5:    Gorropu Gorge (19 km)
    Gola di Gorropu, the deepest gorge in Italy, the next place you will be exploring. Getting to the gorge is quite easy and you can view the breathtaking vertical white walls which are over 350m in height. There are lots of boulders to climb over with transfers in the morning and afternoon to the start of the walk and back.

    Day 6:    Walk from Dorgali to Cala Gonone (Challenge: 4/5 hours, 10/14 km, 486m ascent, 958m descent)
    Getting to the start of your walk, outside Dorgali, is quite stress free with a car transfer to take you. An old tunnel which links Dorgali with Cala Gonone will be the start point. From this tunnel, there is a track which will take you to the highest point of Monte Bardia. What goes up must come down, right? Yes, there is a long descent from this point with excellent views as you walk by. You have two options as soon as you reach the asphalt road. Will you ascend the 616m Monte Irveri? Or will you take a walk directly to Cala Gonone?

    Day 7:    Cala Luna beach and back to Cala Gonone by boat (Challenge: 6/4 hours, 16/9 km, 569/405m ascent, 946/402m descent)
    Finally, you are getting to the end of your hike. Starting at Supramonte a week earlier, your final hike will take you to the Cala di Luna beach where you can relax. Only through a boat or on foot can you gain access to the beach. There are lots of other activities you can engage in – fishing, kayaking, diving, or simply relaxing. Sit back and enjoy the view as you sail back to Cala Gonone later in the afternoon. If you are in search of an information kiosk, you will find lots of different types in the harbor.

    Day 8:    Arrivederci Cala Gonone!
     Our final service to you will be an excellent breakfast.

    Hightlights and Technical Information
    • Spectacular views of the Supramonte Mountains and the Gulf of Orosei
    • Wild open spaces to enjoy your wild side naturally and crystal-clear turquoise sea, wonderful for swimming
    • Small, family-run hotels set in remarkably panoramic places
    • Tiscali Ancient Nuragic archaeological site, filled to the brim with local culture and folklore
    • Friendly people and great local food including cheese, ravioli, a wild assortment of desserts, honey and Cannonau wine
    Technical information:

    The walks are poorly to moderately marked, often on uneven footpaths, small tracks amongst shrubs and, on a rare occasion, on small gravel roads. Some routes (such as Monte Tiscali) are a bit demanding, with some parts of (easy) climbing being a desolate limestone area, with no springs or villages along the way

    Trip grading: Introductory to Moderate – grade 2 :This is a self-guided walk with average daily stages of 3 to 5 hours. The paths are clearly visible and well-marked; there are some sections of the trail which

    Luggage transfer: Luggage transfer is included and is provided by the accommodation itself or a local taxi company.

    A note on our self guided adventures and Fitness preparation:

    Self guided walking or cycling requires individuals to use problem solving skills, be adaptable and have a keen eye. It is recommended that you are comfortable map reading, referring to route notes and that you have a good sense of direction (or are willing to work on improving this!) Sometimes route finding, losing your way, finding it again and asking the locals for help is all part of the adventure. If you’ve never been on a self guided trip, after the first couple of days you will get the hang of if as the vast majority of our first time travellers attest. Please be assured that our written material issued to you for route finding is updated regularly and we provide a 7 day service hotline in the event of any problems. There is a certain level of the unknown that comes with self guided trips; however with a methodical approach potential problems will be averted. The freedom of a self guided trip is something that, once experienced, is sought time and time again.
    Fitness preparation: The concept behind most of our trips is active holidays and the fitter you are the more easily you will adjust and enjoy yourself. We expect participants to take responsibility for their fitness and preparations on a consistent basis prior to departure, and INCREASE the regular weekly training schedule in the two months leading up to departure. That way, when you start walking, you will feel relaxed and comfortable and strong, having done more than sufficient preparation for the trip. You will also have more energy to enjoy the views, take photos and explore the sights in your spare time, rather than just make it to the next hotel. During the day is when the most interesting features of interest will be found, and being fit allows you to optimize every situation you encounter. As a minimum, we recommend 40 minutes of aerobic type exercise; running, swimming, biking, hill walking, or gym work two to three times a week for two to six months leading up to your walk. Note the best training is the activity that you are actually going to be doing; walking up and down hill, and cross-country. Practice this as much as possible. Training should be stepped up as you get closer to departure, to an amount you feel appropriate (you don’t want to cause yourself an injury!). Using your gear before departure (boots, day pack, clothing, etc.) gives familiarity and comfort whilst on the walk. It makes sense to know that all your gear ‘works for you’ BEFORE departure, rather than discovering how things work or fit (or don’t!) on the trip you have invested so much in. Use the philosophy of ‘getting fit to go walking’, rather than ‘going on a walk to get fit’, to avoid problems.

    Dates, Inclusions, Cost , Supplements

    Departure dates: Every day from 01 April  to 25 July and from 10 September to 31 October 2020

    Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

    Price per person (min 2 people twin share): A$1,500

    What is included:
    • 7 Nights in selected hotels
    • 7 Breakfasts
    • 5 Dinners
    • Detailed information pack, route notes and maps with tracks on
    • Luggage transfer from day 1 to day 6
    • Car transfer: day 1 from Oliena to the hotel; day 4 from Oliena to Sa Oche; day 5 and 6 from Dorgali to start of the walks
    • 24/7 telephone support
    Not included:
    • Flights
    • Arrival and Departure transfers
    • Meals and drinks
    • Hotel tourist taxes
    • Insurance and everything not listed as “Included”
    Additional Supplements:

    Cost per person

    • single room supplement A$200
    • solo traveler supplement A$550
    • arrival and departure airport transfers on request ( private and shared)
    • extra nights with breakfast on request
    Accommodation and Meals

    Accommodation and Meals:
    This tour offers accommodation in pretty B&B and 3* hotels. All rooms are ensuite.

    Accommodation layout: 2 night in Monte Maccione Coop. Turistica ENIS in Oliena;  3 night in Hotel Sant Elene in Dorgali; 2 night in Hotel l’Oasi in Cala Gonone

    Daily breakfast and 5 dinners included…

    Price from: A$1,500


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