Small Group Cooking Classes around Italy !!!

Learn in few hours the secrets of the most famous and enchanting Italian dishes ! The professional chef will keep an eye on you and will follow you step by step through the lesson,and at the end of the lesson, you can enjoy the product of your labors together with the small group….. Check out below the locations of the cooking classes around Italy

Venice: A Homemade Cooking Lesson, the Venetian Way!

Hands-on cooking class at a charming venue in Venice

Verona: Traditional Veronese Cookery Class;

Immerse yourself in the flavors and traditions of typical Veronese cooking

Milan: City Tour & Cooking Class

An all-in tour that gives you the chance to discover the highlights of Milan in just one day

Cinque Terre: Pesto Course in Manarola

Taste the best pesto you have ever tasted, the one that you made yourself!

Cinque Terre: Ligurian Seafood Cooking Lesson in La Spezia

Learn to cook an amazing seafood dish and impress friends and family with your culinary skills at your next gathering!

Bologna: Small Group Cooking Class in Bologna Countryside

Prepare home-made pasta and the sauces that best pair with it, such as the famous ragù and Bolognese sauce!

Florence: Small Group Pizza & Gelato Making Cooking Class

learn to make pizza and gelato just like the Italians do!

Florence:Tuscan Cooking Class & San Lorenzo Market Small Group Tour

Experience first-hand the tastes of Tuscany! Don’t miss this chance to learn the secrets of our cuisine by preparing your own meal!

Florence: VIP Small Group Cooking Masterclass & Florence Historic Bottegas Food Tour

A small group hands on cooking class, where you will learn how to cook the best Italian recipes!

Tuscany: Pizza & Gelato Cooking Class in Chianti Countryside Small Group Tour

An experience that will give you the opportunity to uncover all the secrets of three great wonders of Italy in the exclusive atmosphere of a small-group tour!

Tuscany: Vip Cooking Class in a Noble Villa & Farmers’market Small Group Tour

Visit Farmers’ market and discover all its beautiful colours and authenticity, getting to know the butchers, bakers and farmers where Florentines buy their ingredients from!

Rome: A Culinary Delight & Cookery Class

Experience first-hand the tastes of Rome! Buy your own fresh ingredients at one of the most famous food markets of the city

Naples: Italian Cooking Class in Napoli

Experience first-hand the tastes of Naples! Don’t miss this chance to learn the secrets of our cuisine by preparing your own meal!

Naples: Small Group Pizza Making Cooking Class in Napoli

Impress your friends once you return home and learn how to make pizza with us!

Sorrento: Small Group Cooking Class

 Experience first-hand the tastes of Sorrento! A qualified and professional chef that will unveil the secrets of Italian cuisine


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